2019 Special Events

There will be several Special Events planned for our final HOOT Convention.  Keep checking back as we will keep adding to this page.

We are so excited to have Lynne Andrews create and teach a HOOT Father Christmas for our final HOOT. The piece features themes from the 39 HOOT Conventions. This is our only 8 hour class for our final HOOT. We are so excited to offer this to you all.

HOOT Father Christmas designed by Lynne Andrews










2019 Special Events
Monday Special Event
"HOOT Father Christmas" designed and taught by Lynne Andrews
Monday Special Event "Joy In A Jar" taught by Chris Haughey and Laurie Speltz
Special Event on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday "Owl A Day" by Wendy Goldberg and Erika Joanne
Wednesday Special Event "Autumn Rain" taught by Mark Polomchak.
Thursday Special Event "Holly Jolly Gnome!" taught by Lisbeth Stull