Educators 2019

We are so excited to have all these educators for our final 2019 HOOT Convention. Thank you to you all for supporting us!
We have 98 classes and 52 educators as of today (3-24-19).

Here they are:

Lynne Andrews, Carolyn Bacon, David Bailey, Maureen Baker, Bobbie Campbell, Tami Carmody, Jeanne Collick, Debbie Cotton, Nina Daniels, Gini Deaton, Lynne Deptula, Judy Diephouse, Vilma Fabretti, Carmela Favre, Lina Ferrara, Jill Fitzhenry, Wendy Goldberg, Holly Hanley, Kathi Hanson, Donna Harcourt, Belinda Harris, Chris Haughey, Kelly Hunt, Anne Hunter, Louise Jackson, Tricia Joiner, Catherine Bonnie Jones, Tom Jones, Marlene Kreutz, Pat Lentine, Arlene Linton, Georgia Magarrell, Sandy McTier, Mark Menendez, Fran Mittelstet, Tina Sue Norris, Mark Polomchak, Lori Puszakowski-Schmidt, Judy Ribitch, Sonja Richardson, Cheri Rol, Laurie Speltz, Carol Spohn, Lydia Steeves, Pamela Stevens, Patty Stouffer, Lisbeth Stull, Maxine Thomas, Rebecca Trimble, Beth Wagner, Robert Warren, and Judy Westegaard-Jenkins

We will be featuring photos and bios of all the educators as we get closer to the July Convention. Please keep checking back to learn more about these fabulous people!!

Sadly, two educators have had to pull out – Marianne Andreazza, and just recently, on March 21st, Sandi Strecker. We are so sad to lose them at this final HOOT Convention.