Heirloom Raffle

From photography to music, painting, drawing, dance and movement, VSA Ohio works to promote the enrichment of art for all abilities across all artistic mediums.

Our 2019 Heirloom Raffle charity is VSA Ohio

This year’s quilt is going to be very special because the squares are being painted by current and former teachers at the HOOT Convention.

Thank you to all the talented artists for painting quilt squares and for donating items for our raffle.

The winners of our raffle are:

1st – Thanks for the Memories Quilt – Jeanne Biever, Arizona

2nd -Arlene Linton Silver Leaf Lace Tray – Eileen Bogacz, Pennsylvania

3rd – Judy Diephouse Storage Box with 3 lids – Seibra Herbener – Michigan

4th – Lynne Deptula Garden Bench – Suzanne Fairbanks – Ohio

5th – Lynne Andrews Nutcracker Father Christmas – Cindy Morrison – Kentucky

6th – Mark Polomchak Autumn Rain – Lisa Germaine – Tennessee

7th – Nancy Bateman Pen Dutch Box – Diane Glover – Michigan

8th – Phyllis Gibbs Floral Tray (design by Mary Jo Leisure) – Mary Jane Wells – Michigan

9th – Robert Warren Mountain View – Jan VanDeLoo – Wisconsin

2019 Heirloom Raffle Winners
Quilt "Thanks For The Memories" winner Jeanne Biever displayed by Peggy
Gerard (quilt designer) and Cindy Ladig (long arm quilter)
Arlene Linton "Silver Leaf Lace Tray" winner Eileen Bogacz
Judy Diephouse "Storage Box with 3 lids" winner Seibra Herbener (Maureen assisting)
Lynne Deptula "Garden Bench" winner Suzanne Fairbanks
Lynne Andrews "Nutcracker Father Christmas" winner Cindy Morrison displayed by Kathy Wolford
Mark Polomchak "Autum Rain" winner Lisa Germaine
Nancy Bateman "Penn Dutch Box" winner Diane Glover
Phyllis Gibbs, CDA "Floral Tray" (design by Mary Jo Leisure) winner Mary Jane Wells
Robert Warren "Mountain View" winner Jan VanDeLoo