Updates to Catalog/Classes

For those attending the HOOT Convention in August,  just a heads up – your class confirmations were  mailed on Friday (June 9th) for those of you who provided a business sized self-addressed, stamped envelope.   For those who did not have a business sized envelope, your confirmations were emailed.  Those emails went out between June 10th and June 16th.  Please check your Junk and Spam folders if you have not received an email.  There are a handful of folks (less than 5) whose email addresses were not accurate on their forms, and emails bounced back.  We will be mailing those class confirmations on Monday,  June 19th.  There are also a couple folks that still owed some money.  Those confirmations will go out when the balance is paid.

For those not yet registered for HOOT 2017 we still have classes available and would love for you to join us in Columbus. The full and cancelled classes are listed below. Please email HOOT  (hoot626@wowway.com) or call (614-863-1785) with any questions. We are excited to see everyone in August!



9am – 1pm

037D – Special Event  –  “My Multi-Tasker” –   Tina Sue Norris,  CDA/TDA

The included mat is 6″ x 12″ (not 11″ x 14″), The Gioconda pencil is NOT included.  White Stablio pencil and Tortillons are included.  Also included are a set plus one of Verithin colored pencils.


Class 749B – Colleen Akin – Roses – (#4 thru #10) Brights


Akin, Colleen D  Website:  www.designsofvalue.com





Class 551A  –  “Chickadee”  –  Willow Wolfe   9am – 1pm
Class 600A  –  “Morning Light”  –  Lydia Steeves   9am – 3:30pm


Class 745A  –  “Monarch Butterfly”  –  Mark Menendez   9am – 3:30pm
Class 408C  –  “Winter Lookout”  –  Janice L. Miller   9am – 3:30pm
Class 506B  –  “This Old Truck”  –  Mark Polomchak   9am – 3:30pm



Class 506C  –  “A Hard Rain”  –  Mark Polomchak   9am – 3:30pm




Class 154A  –  “Bear in Stocking”  –  Jillybean Fitzhenry   2pm – 6pm
Class 752A  –  “Lotus and Paisley”  –  Tammie Wilson  2pm – 6pm
Class 144A  –  “Happy Winter”  –  Debby Forshey-Choma   2pm – 6pm
Class 346A  –  “Linen & Roses”  –  Arleen Linton   2pm – 8:30pm
Class 276B  –  “Boo Moon”  –  Sandy Le Flore   4:30pm – 8:30pm


Class 144B  –  ” Lighting Winter”  –  Debby Forshey-Choma   9am – 1pm
Class 100E  –  “Celebrate Snow”  –  Bobbie Campbell   2pm – 8:30pm
Class 525B  –  “Summer Rose”  –  Vilma Fabretti   2pm – 8:30pm


Class 525E  –  “Lily”  –  Vilma Fabretti   9am – 3:30pm
Class 733B  –  “3D Tangle Stars”  –  Chris Letourneau   2:30pm – 4:30pm


Class 743A  –  “Christmas Love”  –  Marianne Andreazza    9am – 1pm
Class 675B  –  “Winter Moon”  –  Rebecca Trimble   9am – 1pm
Class 525D  –  “Lady of the Night”  –  Vilma Fabretti   9am – 3:30pm
Class 128B  –  “Table Runner”  –  Carolyn Bacon   2pm – 8:30pm
Class 057A  –  “Bunch of Monkeys”  –  Phyllis Gibbs   2pm – 8:30pm
Class 733A  –  “Gemmy Zendala”  –  Chris Letourneau   7pm – 9pm


Class 749B  –  “Roses”  –  Colleen D Akin   9am – 3:30pm
Class 679E  –  “Blackbirds”  –  Anna Marie Oke   2:30pm – 4:30pm


Class 679C  –  “Birds of a Feather”  –  Anna Marie Oke   8am – 12pm