Chapter Meeting Location


Our new chapter meeting location is at 470 Glenmont Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43214.

OCALI Offices—This is the old Glenmont Elementary School

From the north, take I-71 south, get off at the Cooke Rd (exit #115). Turn west (right) to Indianola Ave. Turn left (south) to the traffic light at Glenmont Ave (0.2 mile). Turn right on Glenmont. Building is 0.3 mile from Indianola.

The only driveway is on the east side of the building. Turn right and follow the drive toward the back of the building. There is parking on the right side of the building and on the left along with a few spots at the back of the building—I would suggest those would best be
used for ‘handicap’ parking. The entry is at the back of the building—there is a ramp by the door. This is the closest entry to the meeting room.

If you are coming from the south up I-71, you can still get off at Cooke Rd.

If you are coming from the north or south on High St, turn on Glenmont Ave (there is a traffic light and you can only turn east). It is 0.7 mile from High St to the Glenmont School. You will drive just passed the school to get to the drive.

Glenmont School
Glenmont School