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Heart of Ohio Tole, Inc. was organized in 1975. In April 2018 we received a new classification from the IRS and we are now a Charitable Foundation.

Whether you are an experienced artist or a first-time visitor starting to discover decorative painting, you will find great resources and inspiration as a member of Heart of Ohio Tole, Inc.

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*****  NOTICE  *****

Important message regarding the Corona Virus and our meetings and seminars.  Please see our Meetings/Seminars page for details.

“Heart of Ohio Tole never has, nor would ever, ask friends to purchase gift cards (to support Veterans Hospice care units) to be sent to some organization.  We have never heard of the organization that sent out an email asking for such.  Please delete any such email that purports to have association with Heart of Ohio Tole.”


To see the 2019 Ohio State Fair winners and photos click the link below:

2019 Ohio State Fair


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