Meeting/Seminar Photos

Below are photos of our Meetings and Seminars.


Photos of our seminar and group meeting with Cheri Rol, MDA.  Thank you so much Cheri for the wonderful oil seminar and meeting projects!  We are so fortunate that you were able to share your talent with us.

Cheri Rol, MDA ...... 2019 November Seminar and Meeting
HOOT Members hard at work painting!
Friday class, Rose
Cheri giving the class instructions for painting the daisy.
Saturday class, Daisy


Photos of our seminar and group meeting with Sharon Hamilton. Thank you Sharon for the educational and pleasant oil painting classes.  We really enjoyed our time with you!

Sharon Hamilton MDA Seminar and Meeting Classes
Thursday Class: White Orchids
Friday Class: Woodland Scene
Saturday Club Meeting: Orange


Photos of our seminars and group meeting with Kathi Hanson.  Kathi was pleased that we selected three projects that showed very different techniques using graphite pencils.  All of us thoroughly enjoyed the classes and we think Kathi is a great educator!  Thank you so much for sharing your talent and time with us!

Kathi Hanson Thursday and Friday Seminar and Saturday Group Meeting
Kathi Hanson with our Thursday Seminar Piece - Sunflower
Thursday seminar class displaying their Sunflower graphite pencil project
Kathi Hanson with our Friday Seminar piece - Chicadee
Friday seminar class displaying their Chicadee graphite pencil project
Kathi Hanson with our Saturday group meeting piece - Rose
Saturday group meeting class displaying their Rose graphite pencil project.